Annual Report

Want to know what a year looks like for our team? Check out our latest Annual Report here!

Hydration Station

We love having an active presence in our community, and you know what else we love? Demonstrating the value of the water. Several years ago, our staff worked to develop a station that would help us do both. Over time, they planned and built the Hydration Station, a station that supplied cold water at local events. Instead of spending $3+ dollars for a bottle of water, members of our community enjoy water provided by the event venue at the First Utility District rate: $3.13 for every 1,000 gallons. Now that’s hydration.  Since then, our team has taken the Hydration Station to food festivals, air shows, and more.

Want to book the Hydration Station? Contact Craig Mayes at or 865-966-9741.

Christmas for the Kids

Our team is honored to give back to our community, especially during the Christmas season. Since 2010, we have raised over $50,000 to buy gifts for children involved in Helen Ross McNabb programs, A.L. Lotts School, KARM, Bluegrass Elementary, and Water Angels Ministry. All funds come directly from individual employee contributions and various fundraisers, including our Chili Cookoff fundraiser. No funds are contributed from First Utility District’s finances.

District Tours

Do you know how clean water comes to your tap or where the water goes that leaves your home? Most people don’t, and we love having the opportunity to talk to students, members of our community, and so many others about the work we do!

Interested in a tour? Contact Chris Martin at or 865-966-9741.

School Outreach

We are always excited to meet the next generation! Our team regularly participates in school and job fairs. We seek to educate students generally on the value of water as well as career opportunities in our industry, including the value of Trade Schools and STEM skills.

Our staff has also spent time in areas with little to no access to water, both in the U.S. and all over the world. We enjoy engaging students about the value of water.

Interested in having us come to your school? Contact Chris Martin at or 865-966-9741.

Knox Pro Corps

Water is crucial to communities, and far too many communities all across the world still lack access to clean water. As water professionals, we believe we have a responsibility to do what we can to meet this need. Members of our team came together with others in our industry to form Knox Pro Corps, an organization that unites water professionals to help communities who lack infrastructure needed for clean water.  Learn more: