We are Serious About Environmental Stewardship.
First Utility District of Knox County (FUD) has developed and implemented a comprehensive Capacity, Management, Operations, and Maintenance (CMOM) Program for its sanitary sewer system. The main objective of the CMOM program is to reduce Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs). An SSO is any untreated sewer discharge from the sewer collection system. They can occur from root intrusions, grease blockages, and excessive rainwater inflow and infiltration. SSOs can greatly impact water quality and the environment.
Are One of Our Crews Working on Your Property?

They are there to help. If you see our crews working on your property, please note that they have a legal right to be there, and they are trained to be as unobtrusive as possible. Repairs to lawns and driveways will be performed as quickly as possible after work is completed.

Do You Have a Question About Our CMOM Department? We Can Help!
      1. How are sewer charges calculated?  Sewer charges are based on your water usage.
      2. Why are my sewer charges higher than water charges?  Cost to maintain our system as well as collect and transport/pump sewer to our treatment facility is very costly.  FUD has approximately 675 miles of sewer line and 26 pump stations to collect and transport wastewater to our Wastewater Treatment Facillity.  Wastewater is also very corrosive and odorous in nature and the cost of controlling these can be very expensive also.  At our treatment facility, solids are collected, water is treated, and clean water is discharged back into the river.  We discharge treated water into the Tennessee River. Our testing shows that our treated water is cleaner than the river water.
      3. Do you have a drawing showing location of service lines and clean outs?  For the majority of our customers, we do have an inspection card that includes clean out locations along with general location of the service line.
      4. What part of the sewer line is my responsibility should I have a blockage and/or repair?  Customer sewer lines are typically 4” in diameter and connect at or near the street into a 6” FUD sewer line. The customer is responsible for the 4×6 connection all the way back to the house.  Any blockage or repair from that connection back is the homeowner’s responsibility.
Want to see a list an overview of our CMOM programs? Click here!
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