Facility Operations

We Keep Equipment Running Efficiently

Facility Operations is a highly skilled team responsible for the management, operations, testing, maintenance, and repair of all equipment located within the First Utility District service area. Facility Operations employees demonstrate a wide array of skills in order to ensure the efficient operation of all utility equipment. including water and wastewater pump stations, gauging stations, storage facilities, and treatment plants. They also oversee and maintain piping and mains, pumps and motors, valves, generators, supervisory control and data acquisition, telemetry communications, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, low and high voltage motor control equipment, and other critical operations.

E-One System

Our facility operations team ensures customers have all the information and assistance needed for installation and maintenance of E-One pumps (to learn more, click the link below). While gravity sewer lines serve most of our customers, low pressure sewer (LPS) serve the remaining customers. LPS consists of small diameter force mains (SDFM) and E-One grinder pumps located at each home.

 Need to Know About E-One Pumps? check out our homeowner’s guide!