Plan Submittal

Ready to Submit Your Plans?

We’re excited to work with you! If you have not already submitted a service availability request, you must complete that and receive confirmation availability of water/sewer supply. We will not review plan submissions if incomplete.  

New Development projects shall be executed per FUD’s Agreement for Proposed Development and the Development Process Flow Chart.  A preliminary review meeting with FUD Staff is recommended to streamline the design process. Email us to set up a meeting!

Plan Submittal 

Utility design packages shall be prepared per FUD’s Standard Specifications, Design Criteria, and applicable Policies. A complete submittal shall be comprised of every document requested in the fillable form below. Incomplete submittals will not be reviewed and will be returned to the Applicant. (FUD does not require a Developer Agreement for private fire lines or commercial projects not requiring a line extension.)

Review Process

FUD Staff will review complete packages within 21 calendars of complete submittal.  Plans will be reviewed for adherence with FUD’s Standard Specifications, Design Criteria, and applicable Policies.  Plan approval or identified deficiencies will be delivered electronically to the Applicant.  

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