Start / Stop Service

Do You Need to Start or Stop Service? We’re Here to Help!

Setting up your service with FUD is easy, just complete a simple application. You can sign up for service online here. If you prefer to come by our offices, our main office can be found at 122 Durwood Road (click for directions). A copy of your residential/ commercial lease or purchase agreement is necessary to establish service. 
Moving? Customer Service can help! Simply call (865) 966-9741 to speak to Customer Service to schedule the disconnection service or make an online request here.
Service Charges
A  non-refundable service charge of $35.00 is applied each time residential or commercial service establishment is requested. A refundable utility deposit of $100.00 will be collected for each new customer who does not own the property being served.


Additionally, other charges including meter set fees, sewer tap and connection fees, and/or special service area fees, may apply depending on the situation. For our current Rate Schedule, click here or call us with specific information requests.