Start Date: March, 2021
Completion Date: December 31st, 2021

First Utility District’s contractor will be completing water line replacement primarily in the southern half of Suburban Hills subdivision as well as Suburban Road up to Kingston Pike. Lines will be replaced on Suburban Road, Cartwright Lane, Ascot Court, Denton Court, Wimbledon Drive, Highfield Road, Aragon Lane, Rushmore Drive, Marchmont Road, Cromwell Road, and Grospoint Drive. Work is expected to begin in mid- to late-April and be completed by early December. Most of the line will be installed by a trenchless methodology, but there will be excavation to locate underground utilities, connect to existing water lines, and reconnect individual water services. Incidental work may require pavement repair, re-seeding yards, and trimming or removal of landscaping in Knox County right of way and existing utility easements. The lines in the northern half of the neighborhood are scheduled for replacement in 2022.

We recognize this work is messy and an inconvenience in your neighborhoods. Please contact FUD Engineering with specific concerns, and we are happy to work with you toward resolution.

First Utility District of Knox County

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