Water Resource Recovery Facility

The water we clean and discharge to the Tennessee River is cleaner than the river itself.

The First Utility District plant is operated by experienced Grade 4 state certified operators.  This certification level is the highest level that can be acquired in the state of Tennessee.  First Utility District was the first wastewater treatment facility in the State to earn a Class A biosolids permit.   This permit qualified the process used in biosolids treatment as so efficient that the biosolids could be used as low-grade fertilizer for soil stabilization.

The wastewater treatment facility uses a biological process to treat the wastewater that is generated by the community and disposed of in our system.  This process is very efficient and produces a high-quality finished product.  The effluent that is generated through the process is then treated with a regulated amount of sodium hypochlorite to disinfect and then discharged into the Tennessee River.

We work hard to steward our environment. For multiple years, our operators have received the Operator Excellence Award, awarded to operators who receive no violations of Discharge monitoring permit during the previous 12 months.